The Most Effective Tips For Whiter Teeth


There are some tips which are simply amazing… they will blow your mind away because they work so well. They work so well that you will be so happy you will want to jump off the window. Ok, not so much but for sure they will satisfy you, because as a result your teeth will turn whiter and brighter, and I guess everyone likes that.

Clean Your Teeth With Orange Peel:

This is a wonderful, simple and pretty cheap tip. You just need to brush your teeth and then use the peel of an orange to clean your teeth. You can do this twice a day and you will be very surprised with the results it can bring you.


It’s a wonderful trick, because you can use it anywhere. It will keep your teeth shining and clean. You just need to be consistent and use it every day. As we have said it’s not expensive nor complicate, so there’s no excuse not to practice it. This little yet powerful tip will make your teeth very beautiful and white, so you should start practicing it from today. Eat a juicy and tasty orange, and then clean your teeth with the peel. Easy as pie.

Baking Soda + Toothpaste = Super Toothpaste!

What happens when you mix a bit of baking soda with your normal toothpaste? You turn it into a SUPER TOOTHPASTE! If you want to bring your teeth a unique shine, then you should start using this simple yet effective home remedy which is also very affordable.

shutterstock_64638829You shouldn’t abuse it tough. With just 1 time per day it’s enough. This simple tip is wonderful for your teeth, because it will create an alkaline environment in your mouth, therefore exterminating bacteria and keeping your mouth healthy and fresh.

If you combine this simple remedy with the orange peel tip, then you can only expect the results to be a lot better. Trust me, your teeth will look simply awesome without having to undergo a teeth whitening treatment.

Apple Vinegar:

Here we have the perfect mouthwash. You should use it every single night. This will allow you to kill even more bacteria, whiten your teeth and give you a fresh breath in the mornings.

You just need to mix a spoonful of this vinegar with water and wash your mouth with that mix. It’s a simple yet very effective tip. If you mix it with the rest of the tips brought on this article, then you can only expect to make your teeth look a lot better than before.

You will notice the difference very soon. You just need to keep using the home remedies presented here.