The Best Natural Remedies For a Brighter and More Beautiful Smile


If you are looking for the best natural remedies to whiten your teeth, then you have arrived to the right place. Here we are going to share with you the best of the best. In other words: the remedies that rank at the top of the shelf due to their incredible effectiveness on this purpose.

First: Baking Soda

Baking soda is an inexpensive and effective home remedy for whiter and better teeth. But it goes beyond that in fact. If you have problems with your breath, then this little product will take care of that. As you can see, thanks to baking soda, you can kill 2 birds with 1 stone. It seems like a nice deal, doesn’t it?

It will accomplish a very important goal: it will balance the PH in your mouth. As a result of this stabilization, most bad bacteria will be killed as they cannot survive in an alkaline environment. Right here you can see why baking soda is so great. But how can you apply it. Here you have two ideas.


Put a bit of baking soda in a glass full of water. Then just wash your mouth with this mix till the glass is empty. You can repeat this 4-5 times per week. With the pass of the time, provided you are consistent, you will see the first results. And the effects on your breath will be evident from the very first day.

The other way to use this little remedy is by adding a bit of it to your toothpaste. Then you will need to brush yourself like you normally do. Just be careful not to do it too hard, because the last thing you want is to hurt your gums, that will hurt bad and will create serious problems in your mouth.

Second: Apple Vinegar

Apple vinegar is another incredible remedy for you, it’s not expensive and has proven to work over and over again. How can you use it? It’s not hard in fact, just like our previous home remedy, it’s also damn simple to use.

3First off, you just need to put a spoonful of this liquid in a glass full of water. Then take it to the bathroom and start washing yourself with this mix. Do it till the glass is empty.

You should repeat this process every night if you want. As a result your teeth will get strong and will look much better. Very simple yet very effective at the same time. Without any doubt a remedy you must try as soon as possible, because it’s not expensive and is very easy to implement. So just do it.