Five foods that stain your teeth

When it comes to your teeth, proper oral hygiene habits are essential in ensuring you have strong and healthy teeth. The condition of your teeth often depends on what you drink and eat. Some beverages and foods can stain your teeth. If you wish to keep your teeth just as white as snow, ensure you avoid these foods that can discolor them. Continue reading below to find out which foods you are eating that are staining your teeth.


I know we all love tea. But it has its downside. Tea can have tannins that cause stains. Cavities do not form because of what you eat or drink but as a result of how many times you eat or drink for example tea. The more times you drink tea during the day the more your teeth get discolored. According to research, it is nice to include milk to your glass. This is because milk was found to prevent and decrease tea stains significantly.

Citrus and acidic foods

Acidic foods for example citrus fruits and tomatoes have been associated with a yellowish tinge to the teeth. Even though these fruits are beneficial to your teeth, they can also erode the enamel and thus expose the dentin.

White Wine

Just like tea, both red and white wine has teeth staining tannins, and they are hard on your teeth. However, white wine is more acidic than red wine. Therefore, when you drink white wine, it makes your teeth to absorb stains from any other thing you eat at the same time. To avoid such kind of staining ensure you rinse your mouth with water after each glass of wine and if you can, brush your teeth half an hour later.

Curries and tomato sauce

If you like spaghetti, pizza, or lasagna, then this is bad news for you. Tomato sauce and curries are highly saturated but acidic making them discolor your teeth.

Balsamic vinegar

If you love balsamic vinegar, then you should know that it can stain your teeth. It is also not easily brushed away. Eating vinegar-heavy foods increases your risk of enamel erosion. Eating lettuce can help balance the vinegar effects. Spinach coats your teeth hence protecting them from the effects of vinegar.

What is the right defense?

White teeth and healthy teeth give you the confidence of smiling or laughing when sharing your best moments with friends. If you want to avoid stained teeth, you should consider water your best defense.

Water has several benefits to your body. Though brushing your teeth immediately after you eat acidic foods can help, drinking and rinsing your teeth with water can help a lot more.

Bottom line

While these foods can stain your teeth, it doesn’t mean you will stop eating them. Just eat them but keep in mind they can discolor your teeth. Try minimizing the amount of anything you eat in a day as this increases the risk of your teeth getting stained. Moreover, try eating a healthy diet and practicing good oral habits.

Invisalign: Technology that Helps Everyone Smile

They say that a smile is the cheapest accessory to help you look beautiful, and it sure is. A smile gives off that infectious positive vibe that can lighten up a heavy atmosphere, or liven up any boring party. Smiles indicate that you are experiencing a certain level of happiness and you want to make an impactful statement to everyone around you that hey, I’m happy, and you should be, too. But what if you falter in giving smiles, that you are hesitant to give that picture-perfect look, just because of an orthodontic problem? Crooked teeth aren’t exactly the type of things that you would show off in a party, right?

Thankfully enough, there are modern methods of fixing that awfully horrid misaligned teeth. Enter braces, the metal fences of your teeth, designed to get your teeth straight, and also guaranteed to make you more withdrawn than ever. Braces are inconvenient metals in your mouth, with all its don’t eat this and make sure nothing gets stuck in between. Plus, braces aren’t exactly the nicest things to see in someone’s mouth. What should we do?

Cue in Invisalign, a groundbreaking technology designed to eliminate the inconveniences of modern braces plus more. Invisalign aligners are specifically tailored for your teeth’s shape, and from there, it starts to work its magic, gradually shifting your teeth’s position to that desired straight teeth.

The good thing about Invisalign revolves around three main ideas: convenience, flexibility, and discreetness. The entire system that works to help you achieve that picture-perfect smile is designed to mass-create custom-made aligners that are more like an accessory rather than an orthodontic treatment. Also, a great advantage of Invisalign over braces is that aligners are removable, so there are no eating or drinking prohibitions whatsoever, not becoming the killjoy of your buffet. But the greatest thing about Invisalign is that it’s virtually invisible. Aligners are made of safe clear plastic that will look like you are not having some dental problem, and you can still smile with no hesitation. That’s great!

Invisalign is also designed to work with people of all ages, so whether you’re an adult with confidence issues or a teen with self-esteem problems, you can rest assured that there is a treatment designed just for you.

Invisalign for Adults is designed for the people in society who are hesitant to smile because of the evil that is crooked teeth. Invisalign will make it look and feel like you are not having any problems, and the Teen treatment will help those pubertal teens with smile issues to gain that picture-perfect smile without the inconvenient reservations that other orthodontic treatments have. You will then become an adult that emanates the positive aura of a great smile at work, or a teen that turns heads around for that smile that you just can’t get rid of.

Getting a great smile shouldn’t be something that is inconvenient and burdensome. The path to getting there should be like the destination, refreshing and convenient. With Invisalign, you get all that, and more.

The Best Natural Remedies For a Brighter and More Beautiful Smile


If you are looking for the best natural remedies to whiten your teeth, then you have arrived to the right place. Here we are going to share with you the best of the best. In other words: the remedies that rank at the top of the shelf due to their incredible effectiveness on this purpose.

First: Baking Soda

Baking soda is an inexpensive and effective home remedy for whiter and better teeth. But it goes beyond that in fact. If you have problems with your breath, then this little product will take care of that. As you can see, thanks to baking soda, you can kill 2 birds with 1 stone. It seems like a nice deal, doesn’t it?

It will accomplish a very important goal: it will balance the PH in your mouth. As a result of this stabilization, most bad bacteria will be killed as they cannot survive in an alkaline environment. Right here you can see why baking soda is so great. But how can you apply it. Here you have two ideas.


Put a bit of baking soda in a glass full of water. Then just wash your mouth with this mix till the glass is empty. You can repeat this 4-5 times per week. With the pass of the time, provided you are consistent, you will see the first results. And the effects on your breath will be evident from the very first day.

The other way to use this little remedy is by adding a bit of it to your toothpaste. Then you will need to brush yourself like you normally do. Just be careful not to do it too hard, because the last thing you want is to hurt your gums, that will hurt bad and will create serious problems in your mouth.

Second: Apple Vinegar

Apple vinegar is another incredible remedy for you, it’s not expensive and has proven to work over and over again. How can you use it? It’s not hard in fact, just like our previous home remedy, it’s also damn simple to use.

3First off, you just need to put a spoonful of this liquid in a glass full of water. Then take it to the bathroom and start washing yourself with this mix. Do it till the glass is empty.

You should repeat this process every night if you want. As a result your teeth will get strong and will look much better. Very simple yet very effective at the same time. Without any doubt a remedy you must try as soon as possible, because it’s not expensive and is very easy to implement. So just do it.

Are Vegetables Needed For Your Teeth?


YES! What were you expecting to obtain as an answer? It’s not possible to have beautiful, white, bright and healthy teeth if you don’t eat vegetables. In fact, they are the most important part of your diet. But don’t take this as an invitation to start a vegan diet, because they are not good… they really aren’t!

Veggies must be with you, but they shouldn’t be the 100% of your diet. They must be the base, so you can eat more meat and other kinds of carbohydrates like potatoes, rice and sweet potatoes.

So here is your answer: they really are necessary for your teeth. Well, only if you want them to look very well then you should eat lots of veggies in your day a day. They must be present in all your meals, if you follow this simple tip then the results will be so great you will want to scream.

The point here is that vegetables can provide you lots of vitamins and nutrients which are needed for your body. And as such, veggies have the power to provide your body with energy and the resources necessary to work at its peak. Therefore if your body can work very well, then you will be healthy and so will be your teeth.

There are certain veggies which work better for your teeth than others. Mushrooms are excellent. They are not veggies exactly, but they kind of fall into the group. So it’s a good excuse to add more white-button mushrooms in your diet. The results will be amazing, because they will help you to clean your teeth and bring them a very nice look.

Leafy-green veggies are another good addition. They are loaded with tons of vitamins and nutrients which will make your body work at its peak. And they will also provide you with the resources needed to make your teeth look healthy, be strong and shine like a diamond under the sun.


Carrots and celeries are another good addition to your diet. They are pretty tasty in fact and fall great into any kind of salad. So you should try to eat them more often. You can even go a little bit crazy and try to eat them raw. This way you will clean your teeth even more.

That’s all. As you can see you need veggies in your diet. So make sure to add them to your meals. They will offer you tons of benefits and advantages. If you want to look better and bring your teeth a unique shine and healthy look, then you should follow this simple advice. The results will speak by themselves, so just try it from today.

The Most Effective Tips For Whiter Teeth


There are some tips which are simply amazing… they will blow your mind away because they work so well. They work so well that you will be so happy you will want to jump off the window. Ok, not so much but for sure they will satisfy you, because as a result your teeth will turn whiter and brighter, and I guess everyone likes that.

Clean Your Teeth With Orange Peel:

This is a wonderful, simple and pretty cheap tip. You just need to brush your teeth and then use the peel of an orange to clean your teeth. You can do this twice a day and you will be very surprised with the results it can bring you.


It’s a wonderful trick, because you can use it anywhere. It will keep your teeth shining and clean. You just need to be consistent and use it every day. As we have said it’s not expensive nor complicate, so there’s no excuse not to practice it. This little yet powerful tip will make your teeth very beautiful and white, so you should start practicing it from today. Eat a juicy and tasty orange, and then clean your teeth with the peel. Easy as pie.

Baking Soda + Toothpaste = Super Toothpaste!

What happens when you mix a bit of baking soda with your normal toothpaste? You turn it into a SUPER TOOTHPASTE! If you want to bring your teeth a unique shine, then you should start using this simple yet effective home remedy which is also very affordable.

shutterstock_64638829You shouldn’t abuse it tough. With just 1 time per day it’s enough. This simple tip is wonderful for your teeth, because it will create an alkaline environment in your mouth, therefore exterminating bacteria and keeping your mouth healthy and fresh.

If you combine this simple remedy with the orange peel tip, then you can only expect the results to be a lot better. Trust me, your teeth will look simply awesome without having to undergo a teeth whitening treatment.

Apple Vinegar:

Here we have the perfect mouthwash. You should use it every single night. This will allow you to kill even more bacteria, whiten your teeth and give you a fresh breath in the mornings.

You just need to mix a spoonful of this vinegar with water and wash your mouth with that mix. It’s a simple yet very effective tip. If you mix it with the rest of the tips brought on this article, then you can only expect to make your teeth look a lot better than before.

You will notice the difference very soon. You just need to keep using the home remedies presented here.