Five foods that stain your teeth

When it comes to your teeth, proper oral hygiene habits are essential in ensuring you have strong and healthy teeth. The condition of your teeth often depends on what you drink and eat. Some beverages and foods can stain your teeth. If you wish to keep your teeth just as white as snow, ensure you avoid these foods that can discolor them. Continue reading below to find out which foods you are eating that are staining your teeth.


I know we all love tea. But it has its downside. Tea can have tannins that cause stains. Cavities do not form because of what you eat or drink but as a result of how many times you eat or drink for example tea. The more times you drink tea during the day the more your teeth get discolored. According to research, it is nice to include milk to your glass. This is because milk was found to prevent and decrease tea stains significantly.

Citrus and acidic foods

Acidic foods for example citrus fruits and tomatoes have been associated with a yellowish tinge to the teeth. Even though these fruits are beneficial to your teeth, they can also erode the enamel and thus expose the dentin.

White Wine

Just like tea, both red and white wine has teeth staining tannins, and they are hard on your teeth. However, white wine is more acidic than red wine. Therefore, when you drink white wine, it makes your teeth to absorb stains from any other thing you eat at the same time. To avoid such kind of staining ensure you rinse your mouth with water after each glass of wine and if you can, brush your teeth half an hour later.

Curries and tomato sauce

If you like spaghetti, pizza, or lasagna, then this is bad news for you. Tomato sauce and curries are highly saturated but acidic making them discolor your teeth.

Balsamic vinegar

If you love balsamic vinegar, then you should know that it can stain your teeth. It is also not easily brushed away. Eating vinegar-heavy foods increases your risk of enamel erosion. Eating lettuce can help balance the vinegar effects. Spinach coats your teeth hence protecting them from the effects of vinegar.

What is the right defense?

White teeth and healthy teeth give you the confidence of smiling or laughing when sharing your best moments with friends. If you want to avoid stained teeth, you should consider water your best defense.

Water has several benefits to your body. Though brushing your teeth immediately after you eat acidic foods can help, drinking and rinsing your teeth with water can help a lot more.

Bottom line

While these foods can stain your teeth, it doesn’t mean you will stop eating them. Just eat them but keep in mind they can discolor your teeth. Try minimizing the amount of anything you eat in a day as this increases the risk of your teeth getting stained. Moreover, try eating a healthy diet and practicing good oral habits.